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I am an Oracle developer, DBA, performance analyst and researcher. Contact info: twitter (@oradiag)

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello!

    Could you please recommend some books to get a good grip of performance and sql tuning in particular? My problem is that I posses little knowledge performance wise but can’t make use of it. Every time I try to solve perfromance problems I seem not being able to make use of any of my knowledge. It is very confusing as there is no unified pattern troubleshooting performance. For example, you can read an article describing the same symptoms as you have whereas solutions can be different. On top of that articles stating that one should not trust particular AWR report figures…
    Hope you get I what I was trying to say…

    Oracle DBA.

    1. Hi,

      you’re right that there is no unified pattern and there can’t be, otherwise we wouldn’t be needing humans to do database performance work (everything would have been handled by the software).

      I recommend books by Millsap & Holt (“Optimizing Oracle performance”), J. Lewis (“Cost based fundamentals”) and Antognini (“Troubleshooting Oracle Performance”). And of course, lots and lots of practice… if you don’t get to practice with “real” databases, then build a sandbox database on your PC and keep practicing, simulating real-world performance issues the best you can.

      Good luck!

      Best regards,

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