My 2015

Year 2015 was a very good one for me, even though not exactly in a way I expected it to be. I didn’t get to blog as much as I wanted to, and I didn’t get as many interesting performance troubleshooting to do as years before that. But there was lots of other interesting experiences — e.g. designing, running and analyzing all sorts of sophisticated performance tests for a candidate hardware platform.

Of course, the most important event of the year was moving to the UK, and the new challenges and opportunities this move presented. It was a very positive experience overall (although there are a few aspects of life in the UK that I still need to adapt to, but that’s perfectly normal).

I also spoke at Harmony 2015 conference in Tallinn (LGWR stuff from my previous year’s research), and that was also new and important experience for me. I’m hoping to do this more in the future. I attended a very interesting UKOUG Tech’15 conference in Birmingham (as a delegate, not a speaker), and had a few very interesting conversations there (in particular, I’m very grateful to Tanel Poder for finding some time for me — that conversation was extremely useful).

I am really looking forward to 2016. No one knows what it would bring us, but I have good reasons to expect great things from it. For example, there’s a good chance that I’ll get involved with some interesting topics, including Exadata, building integrated solutions using both relational and non-relational technologies, performance-related internals digging, and others (and of course I’ll cover the most interesting stuff in this blog).

I am hoping that 2016 would be an eventful and productive year for you as well. Happy holidays everyone!

4 thoughts on “My 2015

  1. Discovering you was one of the positive stuff that happened to me in 2015. You’ve been so inspiring and looking forward to meeting u this year. Wishing a happy and prosperous 2016. Jerome. >

  2. I really enjoy your articles. I’m an Oracle DBA in training…2016 I plan to really improve my skills. Please keep the interesting articles coming

    1. Thanks John, I’m really glad you find my articles interesting. I have quite a few ones in the pipeline so I’m hoping you won’t be disappointed!

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