My 2014

Year 2014 was a successful one for me. I was blessed with quite a few interesting performance issues which allowed me to expand my horizons. One topic I’d like to mention in particular is redo writing. I spent a few weeks optimizing a batch load process and since redo writing was a serious bottleneck, I had to spend some time understanding internals of the process. This resulted in a series of posts on log writing received very favorable feedback from several top experts in the field, such as Jonathan Lewis, Tanel Poder, Kevin Closson, Doug Burns, Kyle Hailey and many others. Another interesting topic that I came across in 2014 is DML internals, in particular the factors that determine whether a DML statement will be processed row-by-row or in bulk. That lead to discovery of undocumented behavior which as far as I can tell was not know prior to that.

All that allowed my blog audience to grow significantly. I have crossed the 100,000 visits mark in 2014, and judging by current visit statistics, I might be able to double that number at some point in 2015. This is important to me because along with other metrics (retweets/reposts, comments, subscribers etc.) it shows me that I’m on the right track. I was also honored to be added to OakTable’s “good Oracle blogs to follow” list.

One of the frustrations in 2014 was that some of the good stuff in this blog remains unknown to the broader audience because of relatively low search engine rankings (ironically, some of my older posts that I myself don’t find particularly interesting, are doing much better in that area). If anyone who is reading this blog knows how this can be addressed (without spamming of course!), I would very much appreciate an advice from you.

Anyways, I’d like to thank all the readers of this blog and wish you all the best in the new year!

6 thoughts on “My 2014

  1. In addition to what everybody agrees on the quality of your 2014 blogging activity I want to emphasize the elegant and attractive style you’ve used to narrate the different issues you’ve been confronted to. You are one of those persons that I never stop reading their article until I arrive at the end.

    Best regards
    Mohamed Houri

  2. Lots of great posts this year and your blog has become a firm favourite in my office, which is more important than any Google ranking, I think.

    I would recommend patience. I find that in most cases, although people who are good at SEO might be higher than you might like, if you keep blogging, people keep reading and re-visiting and re-linking then it will happen organically. That’s my experience anyway.

    It might take a little time, but word will slowly get out

    1. It is moments like this when I realize that there are things more important than official tokens of recognition. Thank you Doug, your words really mean a world to me!

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