I feel like I owe a big apology to my readers — not also I haven’t blogged anything for about half a year, but also I started a series and I haven’t finished it. But I have a good excuse. In September, I’ve moved to the UK. It’s a great place to be if you’re into databases — UKOUG is one of the strongest Oracle groups in the world, if not the strongest one. And of course it’s just a great place to be (if you’re not spoiled growing up in a place with nice climate — but I’m from Russia, so leaden skies make me feel like I’m at home!).

The relocation has consumed all my free time and energy for several months. Now the transition period is coming to its end and I’m planning to resume blogging soon. I’m not planning to continue the SQL performance series — it’s very time-consuming, and I haven’t received enough feedback to keep me motivated enough to spend all this time.

But there’s a lot of other stuff — I’m still getting many interesting cases, a few studies are underway, and a few more are planned. So as they say, “stay tuned”!

5 thoughts on “Relocation

  1. Hey Savvinov ,

    I have learned a grt deal of performance tuning from ur blogs .. please keep up the good work .


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